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Fast and good cooking

In the modern hectic society life has reached an incredible fast pace. We are occupied with many stuff thus lacking the time for one of most important things in life - food. The easiest solution and at the same time a consequence to that is stuffing yourself with all sorts of fast and junk food. Even though some fast food like falafel for example can be nice but in the long run eating like that is not such a good idea.

Cooking at home rules

The next thing you can do is eat out but that has its downs as well. A good meal in a restaurant can be quite costly otherwise they just serve you plain shit. Come on they can’t top a home cooked meal. But what to do if you have a time limit or you are to tired to make a nice meal when you get back home from work?

To go on changing the system is a bit hardcore, leave that to politicians and anarchists. What you can change is how and what you cook. You can cook instant food. Nooooo, just kidding, no thanks for plastic, taste enhanced and chemically preserved excuse of a meal you can buy in supermarkets.

Some people try to eat their way through the week eating out and getting the occasional fast food here and there and than they take their time and cook something nice on weekends. That is one way to go but the best way is to start cooking food that is prepared quick and still tasty, interesting and healthy. Believe it or not but you can make a culinary master peace in half an hour or so.

Italian and Asian is quick

If we are in a hurry or to tired to get down to serious cooking we just make something Italian or Asian, Mexican can be quick too. Obviously, because these cuisines are based on quick cooking procedures. You know that Asian food is prepared in a wok which gives its best on high heat and short cooking time. The best food for fast cooking is pasta, rice and all sorts quick soups.

Eventhough Italians have their specialities that take their time one can find many really nice and tasty meals like quick pastas and rissoto. Italians like to use the best ingredients that’s why they have lots of recipes that really want to express them in their purest way. So you have simple ideas with short cooking time and maximum gourmet effect. For example the famous pasta Olio, aglio et peperoncino (Oil, garlic and chili). Just take the best quality olive oil and fry same garlic and chili on it. Cook spaghetti al dente and mix. Sprinkle with some cut parsley and grated parmigiano.

So get your pasta going in 30 minuts and forget about fast food on the street.


Maja said...

Hi, I have a question about olio , aglio: are there any other herbs you can use instead of parsley? For instance basil or oregano?

Foodizmo said...

Yes I supose you could use some fresh basil or oregano at the enf if you lake them. Italians probably wouldn't agree but ... What they do actaully sometimes, them put some dryed bay leafs into the oil along with garlic and peperoncino.