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Is cooking art?

How can food qualify as art? Did food became art when Andy Warhol put his famous Campbel's soup on display or is food art every time a crazy postmodern artist squeezes a bottle of ketchup on canvas?

Is art a fancy "slowfoodish" arrangement on a plate? Even the most glamorous shape or colors of food is only craft if there is no creativity, inspiration and passion of the cook. So when does food become art? One could debate on and on about whether one particular food or one particular food arrangement can qualify as art or not, but one thing is certain the real art is not so much in what you cook but how you cook it.

Drop the recipes

It is interesting that cooking is usually regarded only as craft and connected with recipes. We believe it should be the opposite. For us cooking becomes art when you know how to drop recipes. When you know how to cook without them. You have no recipes and you can cook everything.

Of course that doesn't mean that you just throw everything you have into a pot. It means that you know the ingredients and the relations between them, you know the cooking procedures and you know the soul of a particular cuisine. You know the structure and the matrix and you just have to add the magic touch, the creativity.

Just as a sculptor sees a beautiful body so a cook can take all the inspiration he needs from a nice and fresh pumpkin flower. That is why we love markets but that is another story.

You see what ingredients you have at hand and let your imagination run wild and than you can write a recipe after the meal is finished. Did Da Vinci have a recipe how to paint Mona Lisa?

OK we are exaggerating a bit to make our point. Recipes are useful to extrapolate some ideas on ingredients and cooking procedures. Plus who dares to drop classical recipes that will always stick around. What we want to do is present this other creative dimension of food and a different way of cooking. Some of you will probably say that you don’t have enough knowledge and experience to cook in that way. If you already cook in that way you can still stay tuned share some of you knowledge and ideas with us and check out how we make art from food.

Dare to be an artist in the kitchen!

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