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Cooking beyond recipes

In modern cooking recipe has always been associated with food and cooking. The connection is even so strong that majority people cannot imagine food and cooking without them. But we are about to commit “the ultimate cooking blasphemy” and suggest cooking without fixed recipes.

The word recipe comes from Latin word recipere, which means to receive in this case an instruction how to cook and which ingredients to use. That is why we don’t like the word recipe. When we cook we always create and invent and don’t just blindly follow instructions. If we use a certain recipe we always try to add a new dimension to it. We deconstruct it and draw same ingredients, some cooking procedures or ideas out of it, add some new or replace some ingredients with our own. Even if you are making a classical dish you always have to acknowledge that a certain dimension cannot be included in the recipe.

Blind spots in recipes

Every kitchen that you cook in, every pot and every ingredient that you use has specific properties that can’t be simply subjected to recipes. Try to see, understand and cook bringing out the best in them. Recipes have so many blind spots. If you fill them with enough cooking experience/knowledge and creativity you can use them to your advantage and bring the dish to a new level, otherwise even millions of recipes won’t help.

The foodizmo project is all about that. It will help you to develop knowledge and creativity to generate, follow and eventually go beyond recipes. If you already have what it takes to successfully follow recipes, why only blindly follow them? Use you imagination and experiment, fuse recipes and cooking styles and start making real art in the kitchen.


Maja said...

I absolutely agree - recipes are only a starting point, not the only law to abide to.
I can't wait for the food gizmo to start making its magic!

Foodizmo said...

At the end, we are still talking about the recipe. Uniqueness is how it is made. Wouldn't be great to invent a new recipe every day?

Anonymous said...

This is just the kind of cooking I practice most. I think that everything is in imagination (and of course ingredients you have at hand). I don't consider cooking as an art, it's more like having fun and experimenting with fresh ideas, where the sky is the limit (it is not like Mozart, it is more like INXS or Duran Duran;)).
Lots of fun with cooking!