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The foodizmo project now running...

This is the place where cooking revolution is going to start. An innovation that is forever going to change the way you think about food, recipes and cooking. Cooking is nothing less than art. Who dares to differ doesn't know much about cooking nor art.

With the foodizmo project we want to enable every person to be able to express him/herself in that way while cooking. But art in the kitchen isn't necessary about making fancy and expensive recipes it is all about creativity and passion.

With our interactive food and recipe gizmo we are going to help you put your heart into your food with what ever ingredients you have at hand and with whatever inspiration that might cross you mind.

If you want to participate in our experiment we invite you to stay tuned. With this blog we are going to show you how we think food and cooking and keep you informed on the development of the foodizmo project.

Foodizmo team

1 comment:

nina said...

hey there!

i finally took some time to have a look at your new venture and i must congratulate you on imaginative and fresh ideas!!! I will certainly stay tuned as I would badly need your expertise in cooking:))
that's the spirit!!!